The Power of Thanks.

Our latest testimonial:

Thank you for staying in our house and looking after our much-loved cats. Thank you also for not freaking out about that problem we had with the chooks (and that was a nuisance). Thanks also for watering the gardens, collecting the mail and giving advice to our Matt.

There is a certain relaxation that you have when you know your animals and house are being cared for. You did that and we are grateful.

Robyn Cook
Palmwoods Qld

Ollie and the Latest Testimonial


I recently spent two weeks house sitting in Melbourne and looking after the cutest labradoodle called Ollie. We went for very long walks and I learned to cut up his chicken into small pieces otherwise he wouldn’t eat it. Our dog will eat anything, anytime, so it was interesting to meet a dog that ate more like a cat.

Ollie and I got on so well he’d often come and sleep on my bed. What a delight to look after a dog that doesn’t shed! I can see why poodle crossbreeds are so popular. (Our dog creates a flurry of fluff and fur where ever she goes.)

Ollie’s owner was very happy when she got back:

Thank you for looking after my dog Ollie so well while I was away.

I could tell he was well cared for, walked, loved and fed.

You have a beautiful way with animals.

Thank you also for leaving my kitchen cleaner than how I left it.

It makes going away so much easier knowing your house and pets are in good hands.

Thank you

I recommend you to anyone needing their home and pets looked after, and am happy to be contacted to be a referee

Penny McDonald

East St Kilda