Ollie and the Latest Testimonial


I recently spent two weeks house sitting in Melbourne and looking after the cutest labradoodle called Ollie. We went for very long walks and I learned to cut up his chicken into small pieces otherwise he wouldn’t eat it. Our dog will eat anything, anytime, so it was interesting to meet a dog that ate more like a cat.

Ollie and I got on so well he’d often come and sleep on my bed. What a delight to look after a dog that doesn’t shed! I can see why poodle crossbreeds are so popular. (Our dog creates a flurry of fluff and fur where ever she goes.)

Ollie’s owner was very happy when she got back:

Thank you for looking after my dog Ollie so well while I was away.

I could tell he was well cared for, walked, loved and fed.

You have a beautiful way with animals.

Thank you also for leaving my kitchen cleaner than how I left it.

It makes going away so much easier knowing your house and pets are in good hands.

Thank you

I recommend you to anyone needing their home and pets looked after, and am happy to be contacted to be a referee

Penny McDonald

East St Kilda

Author: Mary Lou Stephens

I've been a radio presenter, a singer/songwriter & an actor. Now I write books and live in paradise. www.maryloustephens.com.au

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